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A.M.A.A.T.  Investments

Based in Dubai, A.M.A.A.T. Investments is licensed to undertake foreign business transactions within the UAE. Our commercial brokerage license facilitates activities for a variety of operations throughout the Middle East and Europe.

As independent brokers, we work extensively to bring supply and demand together in markets comprising Oil & Natural Gas, Industrial Enterprises, Healthcare, Agriculture and Water, Retail Trade Enterprises and Tourism, Energy (including Renewables), Space Exploration, Education and Sports, and all Commercial Enterprises.

Diversity which creates opportunity is a driving force at A.M.A.A.T. We are a diverse and vibrant organisation with an expanding portfolio of international partnerships. Our mission is to use our in-depth knowledge and extensive international network to expand our presence overseas, providing an outstanding global service and supporting our stakeholders to achieve successful and prosperous growth. Our professional, dedicated and highly knowledgeable team is committed to upholding the highest ethical standards.

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Emirates Towers

PO BOX 788

Sheikh Zayed Road

Dubai, UAE

+971 58 588 7878

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