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Food and Beverage

Restaurant Advisory

A.M.A.A.T. Investments’ hospitality advisory service offers valuable information and guidance for foreign investors planning to establish in this sector. 

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Concept Development and Implementation

  • Market research and concept development
  • Location appraisals
  • Feasibility studies
  • Appraisals and advice on market trends
  • Business plan oversight
  • Help and advice on interior design
  • Corporate branding

Standard Operating Procedures and Policies

  • Management assessments
  • Operational assessments
  • Health, hygiene and safety regulations
  • Menu and beverage development
  • Staff requirements, salaries, bonuses, service charges
  • Training programmes
  • Procurement process advice

Operational Evaluation Services

A.M.A.A.T. Investments can provide a thorough evaluation of your company’s operations. Whether examining specific teams within your group or providing oversight of your entire operation, we will fully analyse your setup and provide a comprehensive report of our findings. We can also make detailed recommendations for ways you can improve profitability or enhance performance.

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Operational Evaluations

  • Monitoring revenue and expenses
  • Analysing your position in the market
  • Choosing appropriate pricing
  • Operating costs and financial results
  • Customer service and reservations

Management and Staffing Reviews

  • Internal assessments
  • Marketing plans, including digital and social media
  • Customer satisfaction and reviews
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Localisation Services

Back your plans with our extensive on-the-ground knowledge of local trends and markets. Our expertise and insight will help you avoid unforeseen surprises and target your business and services as accurately as possible.

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Key Review Areas

  • Location-appropriate architecture
  • Interior design and art that reflects the locale
  • Locally sourced food and beverage
  • Planning around national holidays
  • Marketing and communicating using local language

Personnel and Human Resources

  • Recruiting locally
  • Honouring local traditions
  • Local garments, uniforms or costumes for staff
  • Using local materials and crafts

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